AAC REMI Touchdown in New Orleans

For its college football championship pre-game coverage, The American Athletic Conference handed the ball to Gemstone Media Inc. to employ our REMI proficiency.

REMI is short for Remote Integration:  a revolutionary workflow that allows us to produce video on-location without bringing all the necessary equipment and people to the actual site.

For this program, only the videographers and an engineer joined the talent at Yulman Stadium in New Orleans.  Each camera’s view was transmitted individually and securely.

Everything else a producer would normally transport—switcher, monitors, graphics system, and all the cables—remained at our headquarters in Jacksonville, along with the director and rest of the crew.

The result is identical to what would have been achieved with a production truck and entire staff on-site, but with a significant savings in time, travel expenses, and fuel.

“It’s great how we can put on a professional pre-game show all the way from Jacksonville, while the event is taking place in New Orleans,” notes Tristan Morhous, director and Gemstone Media Inc. Production Supervisor.  “REMI has been a game-changer in our industry.”

And with the velocity of a running back receiving a handoff from a quarterback, the entire process from the press box in Louisiana to our headquarters in Florida, through Tristan’s cues and switches, and on its way to AAC fans, took fewer than two seconds.

“Bottom line, every REMI production Gemstone Media has undertaken, we find even more ways to utilize technology and add value,” says George Birnbaum, CEO and Founder.  “And that speaks to the people behind it, and the expertise we all bring.”