Livestreaming Services

Livestreaming is a unique, cost-effective means to create, produce and deliver live video content to your audience in real-time. This process allows businesses and creators a tool to connect, drive engagement and capture feedback. Whether you are creating a training tutorial, hosting a live event such as business function, wedding, funeral or a live sporting event - from a single camera to a multi-camera setup - Gemstone Media Inc. delivers technically superior, compelling and emotionally engaging content to a wider audience.  We help you forge an amazing brand connection. 


The Difference of Livestreaming

Take advantage of our specialized and certified live stream service team to professionally broadcast your event, deliver content, and amplify your message. 

It is critical to remember- research shows 86% of viewers are more likely to have a negative impression of your business or event if your livestream is “amateur looking or poor quality”.  Gemstone Media has produced more than ten thousand hours of live content. We guarantee your livestream success! “See the Difference!”

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