Reach your audience with our electronic duplication services.

At Gemstone Media, we know the broadcast television industry. We understand exactly what it takes to get your program, commercial, industrial or online video to your desired audience. We can source from multiple videotape formats (SD and HD) and deliver digital files or even Blu-ray, DVD, USB flash drives or CDs.  Let us know what you need, and we'll get it done on time and within budget.

If you want to learn more about duplication services, contact us. We're happy to fill you in or just make it happen for you.

DVD and USB duplication capability

In addition to videotape and file-formatted video distribution, we also have the ability to handle large-scale (1-5,000) DVD and USB duplication. Gemstone is a leading flash memory duplication facility. Our experience lies in knowing what needs to be done, in the quickest way, once the project has been explained. We have unlimited resources for duplication and this translates into getting any job done, on time, with the highest level of accuracy.

In addition, we fully understand the market of NAND memory. From building product from a locked BOM to getting the most out of inexpensive promotional drives, we have experienced just about any situation one could imagine.

USB Flash Drives have become extremely popular for delivering content because there is a wide variety of case styles to choose from, a variety of storage capacities, and also because of the versatility of content that USB Flash Drives can hold. Releasing your content on a flash drive will ensure capability for numerous devices, and because of their solid build with non-moving parts, flash drives are dependable for almost a lifetime of usage. With the size increases over the years, USBs are able to hold more and more content, which can be a perfect choice for clients looking to release a lot of content & information.

Gemstone Media can provide you with numerous options of hundreds of existing styles of USB drives, and the ability to customize them. The choices are endless. We will work closely with you to determine the perfect options for your project.

Global broadcast standards for programming

Gemstone Media edits, captions, and distributes programming seen weekly around the world. Gemstone sends programming to London, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East each week, taking care to comply with the unique technical requirements, varying deadlines, and cultural norms of each region. Utilizing both FTP and hard copy distribution methods, we take care to regularly communicate with our clients to ensure they also understand the highly complex nature of the international broadcast industry.