Captioning Services

Helping the deaf and hearing-impaired. Complying with Federal requirements and regulations.

Closed-captioning services

For more than 15 years, Gemstone Media has provided state-of-the-art closed-captioning services to the television broadcast industry. Our attention to detail, sense of urgency, and understanding of the specific requirements for television make us one of the top closed-captioning providers in the country.

Gemstone Media can handle everything from program-length content to commercials and open or closed-captioning in English, Spanish, or many other languages. All of our work is guaranteed to meet both the FCC requirements and your complete satisfaction.

Do I have to utilize closed-captioning for my project?

Effective Jan. 1, 2006, the Federal Communications Commission required 100% of all non-exempt television programming to be closed-captioned (Rules & Regulations 47CFR part 79.1). This same rule will soon be applied to Internet television/videos.

Why is closed-captioning important?

Gemstone Media Inc Working on Captioning for a Client

Television closed-captioning provides a critical link to news, entertainment, and information for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This service gives these individuals the opportunity to access and enjoy the complete television experience.

Studies have shown that closed-captioning has helped children learn to read and has improved literacy skills. It can improve comprehension and fluency in languages throughout the world. Viewers may select to watch closed-captions through their remote controls or on-screen displays.

Check out the Federal Communications Commission website for the regulations regarding closed-captioning.