Executive Producer Ray Hays behind the camera

Producing Training Videos for First Responders

Gemstone Media is proud to be part of CSX railroad’s effort to prepare firefighters, police, and other first responders for emergency incidents on or around rail crossings, yards, and mainlines.

CSX announced that 2023 saw their Hazardous Materials team hold more than 60 sessions, across its 26-state system, with more than 6,000 first responders, contractors, and local government officials.  The training includes videos produced by Gemstone Media to help prepare the responders for potential rail-related emergencies.

“Our ONE CSX collaborative culture is deeply rooted in safeguarding our communities” said CSX President and CEO, Joe Hinrichs. He added, “Through classroom, virtual, and hands-on trainings, we provide first responders with the confidence and skills necessary to effectively manage rail-related incidents, which helps protect our communities, employees and customers.”

CSX Hazmat and infrastructure personnel work closely with state and local authorities to deliver what has become the gold standard for emergency response to railroad incidents.  The award-winning videos produced by Gemstone are used in classrooms, on board the Responder Incident Training (RIT) train, and online.  The RIT train includes a classroom and rail cars for a hands-on training experience.

“Personal and community safety is the most important aspect of how firefighters or police approach an incident involving a train.  We’re honored to help CSX’s emergency response personnel spread their expert knowledge to towns across the eastern half of the nation,” said Gemstone’s Executive Producer, Ray Hays.

Since the first iteration in 2015 the training has also been taken online by thousands of first responders in the other 24 states who find the information is helpful for all railroads and not only CSX.

Gemstone is currently collaborating with the CSX team in the production of expanded and more versatile update of the video training tools scheduled for release later this year.

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For more information: Contact Ray Hays at Gemstone Media.  The CSX press release is here.