Chris working in the audio booth

Audio Is Half The Product

Standing in a closet.  Using the ⅛” connection on a laptop.  Many creatives have recorded audio this way in a pinch, or had to work with those results later.  And yet, we all know nothing can substitute for a professional audio booth.  Fortunately for you in Jacksonville, Gemstone Media has an audio solution you can use right now.

The best video can become unwatchable with bad audio, and Gemstone Media’s commitment to helping clients with their entire “eyes and ears” production experience motivated us to rebuild our audio booth from the ground up.  

We are fortunate to have Senior Editor, Chris Linke, who understands how to capture and mix high-quality audio. Gemstone Media CEO & Founder, George Birnbaum, says, “This complete rebuild was Chris’ concept and design, and really brings this space to a whole new level of professional sound design.”

Of course, the main purpose of a sound booth is to improve acoustics; to isolate the recording environment from external sounds, while eliminating echoes or reverb (save that for special effects). We have completely new acoustic treatments, from the carpet on the floor, to custom constructed sound-deadening panels.

The Gemstone Media recording facility now occupies two comfortably sized rooms.  Talent performs with less physical restraint, potential claustrophobia, or the feeling that the engineer and producer are hovering.  (And they are not sitting on top of each other, either.)  

Our remote monitoring system allows clients and other creative personnel to “sit in” on the voiceover session via Zoom anywhere in the world and give instant instruction.  No more retakes or pick-ups on another day!  This saves time, money, and frustration.  Even though the talent works in their own room, being able to see and hear everyone else on an iPad maintains the necessary human connection for feedback.

Tommy in a voiceover sessionGemstone’s Tommy Riggins entered the new audio booth for a thorough test, a day before voicing a series of automotive spots.  He communicated with Chris in the next room, with Executive Producer Ray Hays giving feedback from his office down the hall, simulating a virtual session.

How well did it turn out?  After hearing the playback, Tommy told Chris, “I sound great!  What did you do?”  

Chris replied, “Oh, I haven’t done anything to the audio yet.”

Gemstone Media can help with your next voiceover session, too, in addition to video production.  Audio is half the product.  Contact us to reserve your time.