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Myth vs. Truth

Clarifying the Most Common Video Marketing Myths                                                                                 

Gemstone Media Inc. is a nationally recognized media production company, we’re a big proponent of video marketing.  We believe video helps your business. Our belief is deeply rooted in analytics and creative storytelling. According to George Birnbaum, Gemstone’s CEO and Founder, in just one year, we’ve seen a 57% increase in the effectiveness of video marketing we have produced for our clients. In the past five years, it’s been an amazing 83% increase. We know that more than 99% of our clients have a significant positive return on their investment. With that in mind, let’s discuss the video marketing myths George debunked.

Myth: “Video is too expensive”

Truth: Budget is trivial in comparison to quality content that delivers results you desire

  • Video tells your story better than anything- sight, sound, color, motion, and best of all…emotion
  • Consumers appreciate and respond to authentic, compelling stories that are engaging
  • The value of your message is paramount
  • Video drastically increases social media shares and engagement rates
  • We work with a wide array of budgets to meet the needs of our clients

Myth: “People won’t watch videos”

Truth: Video is the most dynamic type of content since the beginning of time

  • Increases open rates for your communications from emails to social media
  • Increases the amount of time spent on your website
  • Boosts click-through rates for landing pages on your site
  • Encourages social media shares

Myth: “Video is difficult to track”

Truth: Dozens of resources give all the tracking data you could ever want, all in one place

  • We offer enablement platforms to provide comprehensive insights about consumers for our clients
  • Video is linear;  we integrate platforms and can tell you what your viewers watched, skipped, and shared
  • This data helps shape your understanding of your consumers’ demographic and psychographic characteristics

Myth: “We can’t benefit from using video”

Truth: From CPA’s to Landscapers the bottom line is consumers crave high-quality video content

  • 94% want to see more video content from marketers
  • 97% of consumers enjoy watching entertaining videos on social media
  • Video was the #1 form of content strategy in 2020
  • Video works better than anything else

Myth: “We produce video ourselves on our iPhone”

Truth: Many amateurs can and do, however, our clients know the professional work done by our skilled technicians will be high-quality video and audio production.

They say “it’s like night and day”. 

And, with our award-winning Gemstone creative production team, the process of creating quality video marketing content becomes even easier for you. We guarantee it.

Use video; see results. Gemstone Media Inc. will make you look great. “See the difference”!

Live Streaming: A Necessity in the Age of Coronavirus

What is Live Streaming?

At its core, live streaming refers to the online streaming of media that’s simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. Think of those football games you watch, or those live shows, concerts, and conferences. All of them require a media production team that sets up equipment (cameras, lighting, microphones) so that an event can be viewed on a TV, computer, cell phone or ipad as it’s taking place.

Why Live Streaming is a Necessity

Your business needs to stay connected to your audiences and customers. The pandemic is not going away anytime soon. Many face-to-face interactions have become difficult to achieve as social distancing is a necessity. Live streaming is the tool that bridges the gap between you and your clients. As you know, there is  just “ok” live streaming such as what you see on a zoom call  (with poor sound, lighting and fuzzy) or  and “outstanding” live streaming such as what Gemstone guarantees. The production values make all the difference.  In this side by side photo, the news anchor looks clean and clear and sounds great- but the interviewee looks horrible and sounds worse. You don’t have to settle for being “that guy”.

According to a recent survey, 81% of media and marketing executives think virtual gatherings, conferences and corporate communications will be the only option for businesses through 2021. And that’s for all sorts of events, big and small! It’s not just our opinion – take it from Marketing Dive, a website that provides statistics and news about trends shaping the marketing industry.

The “Future of the ‘In-Person’ Business Economy” study found that most industry professionals expect a virtual future for business communications, meetings and events, even after the pandemic subsides. That’s a 42% rise in that opinion from the Spring of 2020 to current day. Most businesses are already hopping onto that trend, capitalizing on the new necessity for high quality videos. As internet, social media, and television use has drastically spiked in recent months, it’s crucial for you to adapt to the new trends so that your business can look and sound “outstanding”, so that you can engage your audience and so that ultimately your business can prosper.

What Can Gemstone Do?

Pretty much…well…everything! We can live stream any type of event to any online platform we can make it look and sound “outstanding”!  Gemstone Media has an award winning creative team of  highly skilled “live certified” technicians. We utilize a proven proprietary system does not require the use of your internet or even power sources. We can even customize an entirely new platform for you, so that your audience can still engage in your events.  We have been recognized nationally for the live stream work we are doing for our cleints. We’ve created a quick video for you to see exactly how we do it: 

Let us assist you. “See the difference!”