What Should You Do?

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: The Key To Marketing
We understand that no matter what industry your business takes part in, social media marketing with video will play an integral role in sharing your brand, your messages, and your products or services. Need to reach a new audience or connect with your current audience? Social media. Struggling to increase sales? Social media. Trying to surpass your competitors and make a profound mark in your field? Social media. This all might sound redundant, but it’s essential that you capitalize on the strong opportunity to connect with your consumers through one of the most influential platforms. Add video to the mix and watch your results skyrocket!

Now, you might be wondering which platforms specifically have the greatest chance of producing the highest returns. Facebook still dominates the marketplace, with nearly 2.5 million monthly active users (MAU). Coming in second place, we see YouTube holding a significant market share of 2 million MAU, while Instagram is home to 1 million MAU.

What Should You Do?
Like we’ve mentioned, social media marketing is a necessity for excelling in today’s digital age. Social media has truly become an indispensable part of everyday life. Defining and reaching your target audiences on each platform will tremendously benefit your business. But beyond that, you also need to ensure that the messages you share resonate with your audiences. Simply knowing where your audiences are located and reaching them isn’t enough; distributing a message they remember will allow you to really make your mark.

At Gemstone Media, we assist you with everything: consulting, defining your needs, developing a strategy, and producing creative digital content that will translate on social media. Your marketing content needs to have a story that not only promotes your brand and services but also makes people remember who you are. That way, they’ll feel more inclined to choose you over your competitor. You’ll witness substantial ROIs on your investment in social media marketing — and we’re here to help.