Gemstone Media Inc. and the University of South Florida launch @bulls_broadcasting Instagram hub


Gemstone Media, Inc., a multiple Emmy® award winning national video production company with headquarters located in Jacksonville, FL. announced today it is proud to launch the new @Bulls_ Broadcasting Instagram Hub. This is a site is designed to showcase the outstanding work of our broadcasting and training partnership with University of South Florida (USF) Athletics and the USF student body. Together we will produce over 170 live television sports broadcasts this year in a wide variety of campus sports.

“We are honored that our work and our broadcasting team continues to be nationally recognized. Our statistics show we have a proven template that builds lifelong skills and broadcasting career opportunities for the USF students”, says Gemstone Media CEO and Founder, George Birnbaum.

Gemstone Media Production Manager, Jon Dougherty, explains “we are providing our USF students a fantastic opportunity to learn sports production during live TV sports broadcasts. We have first-class on-campus facilities and equipment and while working alongside our seasoned professional television crew, we engage, incorporate and train students during our live broadcasts”. This year, USF Bulls Broadcasting is delivering a variety of live sports broadcasts to ESPN and has vaulted to the top of the American Athletic Conference in terms of high quality production and the quantity and variety of sports broadcasts.

“Our talented group of students are learning to be directors, producers, camera and replay operators, etc., and they are seeing that hard work and professionalism pays off in the real world,” says Birnbaum.  “Gemstone Media’s secret sauce is our amazingly talented team. By establishing trust, collaboration, and ongoing communication with the USF students, we can create and surpass the magic our clients may expect from their live sports production.  When student engagement and professional skills training is done right, it can have a powerful and lasting effect. Hearts open. Minds change. Careers blossom and creativity thrives.”